Springpath’s Platform Delivers Always-On Infrastructure and Eight Times Performance Improvement at 50 Percent of the Cost of Traditional Architecture

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 18, 2015 – Springpath, a pioneer in hyperconvergence software, today announced that Superior Document Solutions is leveraging Springpath’s hyperconverged infrastructure solution to transform its IT environment to one that is more resilient while also being easier to manage. Leveraging Springpath’s award-winning solution, Superior Document Solutions is seeing performance improvements of up to eight times in its business-critical applications. The company deployed Springpath’s solution for approximately 50 percent of the cost of a traditional, non-hyperconverged, IT architecture.
“Springpath’s hyperconverged software solution helped us solve significant issues including growing data center availability,” said Corey Taylor, director of IT at Superior Document Solutions. “We were able to dramatically simplify our IT environment and management requirements with vCenter integration and improve operational efficiency while ensuring always-on infrastructure resiliency.”

With customers ranging from small one-man shops to hospitals with thousands of devices, Superior Document Solutions sought an alternative to traditional data center approaches after one of its hosts failed, downing all servers on that machine. The company selected Springpath because it provided a solution that lets the company use local storage without a single point of failure. “I’d been looking for years for a way to not have a single point of failure,” Taylor explained. “To me, that is the number-one benefit of Springpath.”

Along with this comes improved resiliency of the entire environment, thanks to the always-on, self-healing engine within Springpath Data Platform. So far, the system has performed perfectly. “I have not had a hiccup yet,” Taylor added.

The Springpath team set Superior up with a four-node cluster. Three of the nodes have both storage and compute. The fourth is a compute-only node that is used to run applications while leveraging storage residing in the other three nodes. By taking advantage of Springpath’s adaptive scaling, Taylor was able to control the cost of the new infrastructure by buying only the capacity he needed.

Key benefits and features of the Springpath Data Platform include:

  • Always-on infrastructure resiliency; eliminates a single point of failure
  • Fifty percent lower deployment costs compared to traditional architecture
  • Adaptive scaling allows for a compute-only node, keeping costs down
  • Improved and consistent application performance (up to eight times improvement)
  • Ease of management with vCenter integration
  • Frequent and non-disruptive backups using native snapshots


About Springpath
Springpath is the pioneer in hyperconvergence software, turning standard servers of choice into a single pool of compute and storage resources. The Springpath Data Platform eliminates the need for network storage and intuitively integrates into existing management tools to maximize operational efficiency. Using adaptive scaling capabilities, customers can grow compute, caching or capacity resources independently, depending on their changing business needs. Springpath proactively monitors your infrastructure to ensure resilient, always-on availability. Using data management and optimization capabilities, Springpath customers experience transformative levels of resource utilization, accelerating the adoption of DevOps in their organization with truly agile IT infrastructure. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @SpringpathInc.

About Superior Document Solutions
Superior Document Solutions provides document management services for more than 3,500 companies. Its customers include everything from one-man shops with a single printer or copier to large organizations with thousands of devices (copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, etc.)

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