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50% Of VMworld Attendees Are Planning To Deploy Hyperconvergence!

Our first time at VMworld far exceeded our expectations. Our software-only approach to hyperconvergence resonated well with attendees. We often heard feedback validating that customers prefer to continue using servers from their preferred vendor, while gaining the benefits of hyperconvergence.

We asked attendees who stopped by our booth to fill out a questionnaire that would allow us to learn about their level of familiarity with hyperconvergence and key preferences. We collected 716 observations to form this large and fascinating dataset that we can now share with you:

Over >75% are aware of hyperconvergence

Pretty safe to say most folks have heard of hyperconvergence by now. The feeling that it’s been the talk of the town at VMworld is validated with the data point that over three quarters say they have somewhat or in-depth level of awareness. Interestingly, most people consider themselves “somewhat aware” of hyperconvergence. I believe it’s largely due to the frequency of change in this space and evolution of the term. The result is that many participants are simply not sure exactly what to make of these changes – and therefore it’s up to us, vendors in this space, to educate and articulate the various benefits customers experience with hyperconvergence.


50% already have plans to deploy hyperconvergence; 30% plan to deploy within a year!

Wow. With disruptive technologies we usually witness a lot of general interest followed by long-term (2-5 years) plans to implement. Hyperconvergence, however, is taking the industry by storm – with half of the surveyed pool having specific plans to deploy, and 30% planning to do so within a year – hyperconvergence is here, NOW.


Operational efficiency drives adoption

Respondents seem to be primarily motivated by day-to-day considerations – with “simplifying deployment & scaling” and “reducing operational complexity” being the top 2 drivers for adoption. VDI continues as a primary use case in this space, with about a quarter looking to adopt hyperconvergence for their VDI deployment.

We allowed multiple answers to be chosen – and indeed respondents selected an average of 1.7 choices. This isn’t surprising – the value proposition of hyperconvergence is comprehensive and spans various elements around agility, management, scalability, scaling and utilization – so it’s no surprise that prospects point to more than a single adoption driver when thinking about innovating their IT infrastructure


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About the Survey
This survey was conducted informally by Springpath, a pioneer in hyperconvergence software, via survey forms filled out on the VMworld 2015 tradeshow floor. Data was compiled from more than 700 VMworld 2015 attendees and respondents were able to pick more than one answer and not required to answer each question.

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