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Hyperconvergence: The Talk of the Town During VMworld

4 exhibit days, 23 hours of exhibiting, 68 theater presentations completed, 5 different demos shown more times than we could count, and several tired, aching feet. This is how the Springpath team wrapped up VMworld 2015!

This was the first year Springpath exhibited at VMworld and we were very excited to showcase our SMART approach to hyperconvergence.


What exactly is our SMART approach to hyperconvergence? Let me quickly break down the five key ingredients of a successful hyperconverged solution:

  • S = Software Only
  • M = Management Simplicity
  • A = Adaptive Scaling
  • R = Resilient Infrastructure
  • T = Transformative Economics

We had a lot of great conversations at VMworld. We found that prospects were not only interested in learning about hyperconvergence, but several of them have specific plans to deploy a hyperconverged solution in their environment.

Our software-only approach to hyperconvergence resonated well with attendees. We often heard feedback validating our solution that customers prefer to continue using servers from their preferred vendor, while gaining the benefits of hyperconvergence. And since so many are just starting with this technology, the idea of starting with a simple, low-risk, and low-cost solution was very appealing to them.

Our demo stations further helped to explain the Springpath Data Platform. The demos highlighted VDI and DevOps workloads running on a Springpath cluster. We had a SQL server demo using hammerdb to demonstrate a TPCC load and an Openstack and Containers demo showing the use of the Springpath Data Platform with an Openstack cluster, completing various operations such as image deployment, snapshots and live migrations using KVM and Docker hypervisors. We also had a Springpath general demo showcasing the normal day-to-day operations using vCenter for VMware for monitoring and cluster storage provisioning.


VMworld attendees were a lot of fun to chat with and we gave away several of our SMART t-shirts for those who watched our theater presentation!


SiliconANGLE was at VMworld this year providing live coverage and interviews throughout the event. Springpath’s CEO Terry Cunningham was interviewed during VMworld and discussed how the long term success of hyperconvergence is a software defined layer that sits on top of the supported server of your choice, where you can then scale out accordingly. Watch the full interview below.

We want to thank VMworld and all of the awesome attendees who came by our booth. It was a great week with beautiful weather, and we had a ton of fun talking about hyperconvergence! If you weren’t able to attend VMworld, but wish you could have, you can view some of the general sessions here.


Springpath booth staff at the end of the last exhibit day

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