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Is your infrastructure keeping up with the requirements of virtualized applications?

We recently ran a webinar titled “5 Key Ingredients for Successful Hyperconvergence Solutions.” There was a quite a lot of interest in the webinar, so we wanted to share the recording for others who may also be interested.

During the webinar we took a look at how the traditional data center infrastructures being used today have trouble keeping up with the performance, capacity, and agility requirements of modern virtualized applications. Hyperconvergence entered the scene in response to this with a new approach that leverages software as a mechanism for deploying and managing both compute and storage, centralizing control while achieving much greater operational efficiency.

Hyperconvergence is the biggest thing since server virtualization and this short 30-minute webinar reviewed the 5 key ingredients of a successful hyperconvergence solution and what they entail:

  • Software only
  • Management simplicity
  • Adaptive scaling
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Transformative economics & utilization

Watch the recording to learn more.

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