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New release of Springpath Hyperconvergence software is ready to eat datacenter infrastructure

Having built and delivered products through different IT consumption models – software, appliance and Software as a Service (SaaS), I have come to strongly appreciate the choice in deployment that customers can have to best meet their IT and business requirements. Choice though often comes with trade-offs that can lead to complexity and suboptimal experiences for customers. For example, rigid assumptions about hardware made when delivering appliances can breakdown in a software solution.

When it comes to private cloud infrastructure, we at Springpath firmly believe in the flexibility of a 100% software solution. The introduction of Springpath Data Platform 1.5 bridges the dichotomy of maximum flexibility and maximum simplicity. Springpath software can now be deployed on a broad range of industry standard servers from Cisco, HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Supermicro. A simplified installation experience, in a single step, transforms a virtualized server infrastructure into a hyperconverged infrastructure running both the application and storage services on the same server. Springpath software makes zero assumptions about the hardware and adapts to low-level disk access techniques, all while preserving a unified user experience. Say a disk fails on any server, the software detects and generates an alert in vCenter, enables a disk beacon and proactively initiates self-healing in less than minute. The overall system can be monitored through the cloud-based Insights portal.

The need to scale compute and storage together has been identified as the Achilles heel for hyperconvergence. Springpath Data Platform’s adaptive architecture overcomes this constraint by enabling independent scaling of compute, cache and capacity. After very positive beta feedback, we are pleased to now generally release the ability to scale compute independently of storage without compromising performance. Say you have a VDI environment that you need to grow with additional desktops, you may need additional CPU processing and IOPS but may not need capacity, especially if you are leveraging Springpath ReadyClones. With Springpath, you can provision just new compute in your cluster reducing the overall cost per desktop while maintaining consistent performance.

Customers are recognizing and responding to this power of choice. In an ode to Marc Andreessen’s famous paper “Why Software Is Eating The World”, we are starting to see Hyperconvergence software eat datacenter infrastructure and in particular storage and appliances.


Springpath Data Platform 1.5 packs several other enhancements. Springpath software now seamlessly integrates with VMware vSphere 6.0 including VMware ready and VAAI certification. A new scheduled snapshot feature automates the creation and retention of Springpath’s instant and space-efficient snapshots. This enables customers to create large number of snapshots either to serve as local backups or for integration with 3rd party backup software.

For more in-depth information about Springpath Data Platform visit our resources page.

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