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Springpath CEO’s VMworld interview: It’s time for hyperconvergence to become ubiquitous

At VMworld 2015, hyperconvergence was a hot topic. Our CEO, Terry Cunningham, was asked by Stu Miniman and Brian Gracely, hosts of theCUBE, to explain the driving forces behind the interest in hyperconvergence solutions.

“The real driver is agility,” says Cunningham. “The world we live in is fast moving and agile. Bring it up. Kill it.” But this agility is too often hampered by the old way of thinking about storage. Storage guys always want to know how much you need.

“Imagine a world where you don’t need to know any of this. You can start with three or four nodes, called servers, put some disk in and run them. If you find it needs to be bigger—add more. When the application dies off—shrink it,” explains Cunningham.

Watch the full interview (about 12 minutes) below as Cunningham explains why “it’s the right time” for hyperconvergence, which use cases are right for hyperconvergence, and what benefits can be gained from simple, scale-out storage – benefits the big guys like Facebook and Google have been enjoying for years.

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