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Springpath People – More Individuals behind our Software

Philip, Director of Sales, Central

IMG_3542[2]Philip loves an adrenaline rush. After landing his first tandem skydive, he immediately wanted to go up again—this time requesting a front flip out of the plane. “My instructor said, ‘It’s your jump and if the chute doesn’t open, no problem. Your body will break my fall!’” Philip said. “Comforting, I know.” But it didn’t stop him.

Philip brings this kind of passion to everything he does. For thrill seeking a little closer to earth, he enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, and letting his daughters choose his music. “I’ve pretty much lost control of the radio to my daughters,” he explained. “So lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift.”

Philip considers himself a lucky family man. He married the girl next door. “Or in my case, the girl across the street,” he clarified. Of his wife and two daughters, he said, “I am truly lucky to have these women in my life.”

When Philip describes his job in terms his daughters can understand, he puts it this way: “I sell software that’s like Legos or Minecraft where you build environments out of blocks, one at a time. Companies use the blocks to create platforms quickly, easily and affordably and they can move the blocks around to create whatever they want—just like you can do with your Legos. It’s awesome!”

On his bucket list for travel, Philip lists the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Wall of China and…space! You can see why we weren’t surprised by the list of superhero powers he’d want: advanced telekinesis and the ability to control time. “With these superpowers I could control and manipulate physics, objects, time. I could travel the world at warp speed, freeze time, look into the future,” he explained. “I would heal the sick and destroy evil.”

Enthusiasm, ambition, compassion and an adventurous spirit are traits that Philip balances in his life and brings to his work. “In my professional life, I love learning new things to challenge myself. I love beating the competition. But I really love helping customers achieve something they never thought possible and helping them exceed their own expectations.”

Vijay, QA Engineer

DSC_0304[1]As a Quality Assurance engineer, Vijay spends his day immersed in the details of processes and procedures, making sure the right things are executed the right way the first time. His friends have given him the nickname “The Judge” for obvious reasons. Vijay jokes that even though his mother taught him not to find fault in what others do, he now makes a living doing just that. But since it’s for the benefit of his job (and our customers), we’re pretty sure his mother doesn’t mind.

Vijay has a penchant for spectacular views. His desktop wallpaper is a photo he took of Yosemite Valley, a tunnel view that encompasses El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall with Half Dome in the background. On his bucket list of travel destinations are the Himalayas, Machu Picchu, and the Serengeti. No wonder he dreamed of being a pilot as a child. Luckily for us, he decided on a different career path!

After living in the Bay Area for the past eight years, we asked Vijay what he likes best about the area. “The exposure to the tech industry is incomparable,” he told us. “Also, I like weather and the abundance of close-to-home food options.”

Other things to know about Vijay:

  • Married: yes
  • Favorite color: red
  • Hobbies: photography and bike riding
  • Drink of choice: sparkling water
  • Source of joy: doing what he is passionate about

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