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Springpath’s Sales Kick-off 2015

Springpath has grown rapidly over the last several months and with a group of new sales and operations folks joining the team on August 3rd, Springpath SKO 2015 was born. Last week the entire sales team came to our Sunnyvale headquarters for our 1st annual sales kick off meeting. After a week of sales enablement sessions, tech talks, multiple food and drink bashes along with some late nights and early mornings, we all left energized about the road ahead: Springpath is leading the way in Hyperconvergence!

The week began with a full day of sessions on Tuesday, and we ended the day with a beer bash on our back patio. Beer, wine, falafel and pizza was the spread – along with sunshine, laughs, and getting to know each other.

Beer Bash_group 3

Some of the Springpath team captured by our CEO Terry who was photographer for the day.

beer bash_M-Gorsin

John and Meredith proving that sales & marketing can get along!

Beer Bash_Ravi-Andrew

Ravi from Product Management and Andrew from Sales.

Beer Bash_Martin 2

Martin and Prem from our Engineering team.

On Wednesday we started the day with a company all hands where our CEO Terry Cunningham, spoke about what the future holds for Springpath and welcomed our newest employees. Part of welcoming these newbies included fun facts about each person. Some of these fun facts were quite interesting and included a newbie who won a sports Emmy in 2003 while working on production for ESPN. Another newbie once bought his wife a robotic dog for Christmas and told her it was the closest thing she would ever get to a pet in the house…..now he has a pair of dogs and cats! We finished up the all hands meeting with a BBQ lunch because what better way to bring everyone together than with food, right? J

Afternoon sessions on Wednesday included Springpath’s Founder and CTO Mallik Mahalingam discussing our history and the technology vision he and fellow Co-Founder Krishna Yadappanavar had for the company. We all left the presentation with a feeling that we want to help contribute and grow the vision Mallik and Krishna first brought to life in 2012.

Mallik Presentation

Founder & CTO Mallik Mahalingam

Wednesday night was reserved for a fun night out for the whole company. We headed to a rooftop bar in nearby San Jose for drinks and food.


You can’t quite see the beautiful view of the Santa Cruz mountains behind us in this picture, but you can clearly see all the members of the Springpath team who came together that evening.


Ajay from Operations and Jon, Joe and Dave from Sales.


Thuy and Mary from our G&A team.


Ketan and Aaron from Technical Marketing, Sumir from Engineering, Will from the SE team, along with Sandip and Vijay from the Engineering team.


Cheers from the Springpath team!

Thursday wrapped up Springpath’s SKO 2015 with a few additional breakout sessions and planning meetings. More than anything, we all left the week with excitement and energy about the year ahead and the bright future for Springpath!


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