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Superior Document Solutions improves resiliency and application performance for 50% lower cost than traditional storage architecture

At Springpath, we love our customers, and we’re always happy to hear how the Springpath Data Platform is making their work lives easier.

We recently talked to Corey Taylor, director of IT at Superior Document Solutions, about this. His company illustrates one of the perfect use cases for the Springpath Data Platform – small to medium-size businesses running their entire infrastructure on our affordable, software-only hyperconvergence solution.

Corey is running all of Superior’s business-critical applications, including ERP, VOIP and CRM, on Springpath Data Platform, and because he is, a huge weight has been lifted from his shoulders: he no longer has the single point of failure he had with his previous IT architecture.

“I’d been looking for years for a way to not have a single point of failure,” Corey explained. “To me, that is the number-one benefit of Springpath.”

Avoiding IT failure is especially important to him because IT enables the superior level of customer service that differentiates Superior from its competitors. Failures, especially to the company’s VOIP and ERP systems, basically shut the company down until they’re resolved. So far, the Springpath Data Platform has performed perfectly. “I have not had a hiccup yet,” Corey told us.

With Springpath, Corey gets more than just peace of mind. Other benefits he gained include:

  • Ease of use – with vCenter integration (which was up and running in minutes) Corey has full use of Springpath’s functionality without learning a new management tool.
  • Adaptive scaling – by taking advantage of Springpath’s independent scaling of compute, caching, or capacity, he was able to add a compute only node and keep costs down.
  • Better performance – a report that use to take five to six minutes now takes 45 seconds, an 8X improvement!
  • Consistent performance – non-disruptive backups using native snapshots replace VMware snapshots that used to freeze his system and disrupt business.

Corey was able to do all this for a great price – 50% less than the cost of a traditional IT architecture – thanks to Springpath’s adaptive scaling and affordable licensing fee structure. Superior has a four-node cluster, three nodes with both storage and compute, and a fourth compute-only node that leverages storage off the other three nodes.

There’s more that Corey values about the Springpath Data Platform, a longer discussion about his experience with Springpath can be found in the full case study.

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