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Springpath Data Platform is the first hyper-convergence software solution with enterprise-grade features available at a low-risk annual subscription. Based on Springpath’s unique HALO architecture, Springpath Data Platform is designed from the ground up to support the performance, capacity and data management demands of a broad range of enterprise applications. Springpath Data Platform software brings public cloud economics, agility and scalability to private clouds.

cloud servers


Deploy a private cloud at public-cloud economics with hyper-convergence software running on your favorite brand name servers. The software is available on an annual subscription basis, eliminating capital expenses by up to 60%. The platform’s scale out capabilities allow for just in time purchase of servers to scale performance and capacity, further eliminating capital expenditures on growth headroom.

enterprise grade


Delivers a wide-range of data management and data reduction services that scale without compromising on performance. Leverage Springpath space-efficient native snapshots and native clones to protect data and deploy applications quickly. Always-on data reduction capabilities like inline-de-duplication and compression can provide space savings as high as 50% or more. Robust data replication and rebalancing provides enterprise-grade reliability and data integrity.

maximum simplicity


Manage using existing and familiar management tools for seamless orchestration and zero learning curve. No network storage complexity like LUNs or RAID to deal with, allows for rapid provisioning. Built-in auto-support enables cloud based monitoring for discovering and addressing issues proactively. Reduce operational expenses compared to traditional converged infrastructures by up to 50%.

halo data access flowchart

Springpath Features


Scale out IO performance and capacity independently

Flash performance

Always-on inline de-duplication and inline compression


Native and granular snapshots and clones

Thin provisioning

Triple mirrored data protection

Robust checksum and fingerprinting


Cloud-based auto-support

Future-proof for Hyper-V, KVM, Containers and Hadoop

Brand name server support

Springpath Data Platform for VMware

Springpath Data Platform tightly integrates with VMware vSphere and supports key features like vMotion, DRS, HA and vSphere replication. The Springpath web client plugin seamlessly extends vCenter and empowers VM administrators to manage their storage and data without having to learn yet-another-management-tool. Highlights include:

  • Seamless integration of all data management into vCenter Web Client for a single pane of glass management for VMware workloads.
  • Native Snapshots: Instant and space efficient point-in-time backups that eliminates the backup window. Choose granularity—VM-level or VM-Folder level. Choose consistency—Crash-consistent or VM-consistent, all from within vCenter GUI.
  • Access data stores via NFS
  • Ready Clones: Create customized space efficient clones of VMs for VDI and Test & Dev use cases
  • Thin Provisioning: Efficiently use storage space based on actual written data instead of what was provisioned
  • Always-on In-line Compression: Reduces storage footprint on physical disks, stretching usable capacity, without impacting performance
  • Always-on In-line De-duplication: Reduces HDD and cache foot print, stretching storage capacity
Springpath managed to create a compelling solution and 1.0 product. To be fair, considering what they’ve developed it doesn’t even sound like a 1.0 product but rather a 2.0 product.

Duncan Epping